April 13, 2009

NWO plans for Truth Movements (2009)

Please read this article & let me know your thoughts (it's written for Americans but Europeans should think about these issues too):


March 28, 2009

Fabled Enemies (2008)

Fabled Enemies focuses on the vast intelligence network that made 9/11 possible & asks "Is Bin Laden the evil behind the attack or a mere front man in a larger picture, a Bogeyman?". The film is directed by the Infowarrior Jason Bermas who was part of the team behind the Loose Change "Trilogy" (which were some of the most popular 9/11 documentaries during 2005-2007). Watch Fabled Enemies below while waiting for the film to download with BitTorrent.



March 23, 2009

Big Brother State (2007)

Here's another well-made short animation, a large hi-res version can be watched at bigbrotherstate.com (note: Flash Player needed). You can also easily download "Big Brother State" from the creators' own site.


What Barry Says (2003)

Most of my posts on this blog are usually about lengthy documentaries. It's therefore refreshing to once in a while blog about short films. I feel narrations with nicely animated text graphics are often especially effective in relaying important information (like We will not be silenced). One of the most popular short animations is "What Barry Says" (narrated by Barry McNamara & directed + animated by Simon Robson from Knife Party) but it has actually been spread far & wide under the name "Cool Anti NWO commercial" (a fact that the director wasn't aware of when I was in e-mail contact with him yesterday). Sadly most of the videos that can be found of this (by now cult classic within anti NWO circles) short film are in too low quality to see the graphics/texts well enough. So below is the obligatory embedded example but I recommend that you instead watch the original hi-res version of "What Barry Says" (note: Quick Time needed)!

As these type of animated short films are easy (& "cool") to share with friends & relatives that you want to wake up, I'll be posting some more of my favorites on this blog in the weeks to come. So come back now & then to get new ideas on how to keep spreading the word! And feel free to comment, dialogue is always more fun than a monologue... :)


The Dot Connector magazine (2009−)

Have you also dreamed of subscribing to an anti NWO magazine? Then check out this "new publication brought to light by the Truthers & for the Truthers all around our troubled world"! The two previous issues looked quite good & had interesting articles written by many different authors, both can be downloaded as PDFs. But note that only No. 1 (Jan-Feb 09) & No. 2 (Mar-Apr 09) are free, "starting from the next issue #3, the Dot Connector magazine becomes 'printed press' with international distribution by subscription (there will be no PDF editions)". Enjoy - I at least intend to!


Random anti European Union videos


Random anti New World Order videos


Random anti North American Union videos


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