March 9, 2009

Network (1976)

This past weekend I watched the movie Network & I thought it would be a good way of starting this blog by sharing some clips from the movie which now, more than 30 years later, still have a lot to say. Watch these 3 clips in the order below (first "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore!", then "Turn your TV:s off & leave them off!" & finally "There is no democracy/The world is a business.").

1. What should we do now that we have awoken to this new reality, now that we've seen some of what's behind the curtain & started to understand why the world is heading for worse times? Join me, first of all, by getting mad!

2. For the past 5½ years I worked as a TV news director in another European capital city & I now work for a TV channel (not with news any longer though) based here in Nicosia. I've seen how journalists self-censor themselves when wanting to conform to the accepted "norm". So I don't :) have a TV in my home - instead of getting my news from the corporate owned maistream media (which will only tell you the "official" version of events) or letting my children be brainwashed & mind controlled by tube trash, I read/watch alternative media sources & let the kids see movies/series that I've preapproved instead.

3. "Network" describes the 1976 & today's situation of TV, news & main stream media very well. The movie, however, also gives an insight into the forces behind the scenes; this last clip has a number of quite revealing quotes, it's almost as if they are taken straight out of some kind of a "NWO agenda hand book"! This clip is worth watching not only once; you'll learn much by re-viewing & even hitting "pause" (to read the subtitles) now & then to really let the NWO message sink in.

This is a movie that all anti NWO people would benefit to see, here's the P2P BitTorrent download site:

Or then you can just watch the whole 2h movie right here!


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