March 10, 2009

Wake Up Call (2008)

My mission with this blog is first of all to come in contact with others who also have been awakened - there is always strength in numbers. But it's also to spread the word & wake up the "sheeple" who are still asleep. I feel this film is one of the better ones to arrive in the anti NWO arena in recent times because it skillfully combines many of the best clips from various documentaries, news shows & relevant movies. I'd like to help start your awakening process by sharing the hopeful message which concludes "Wake Up Call", watch these last minutes of the film now (the 1st 2min of this clip is still trying to wake you up & then the more hopeful speeches follow):

This is what John Nada wrote about his film:

"There exists a sinister agenda, dating back at least the last couple of centuries and accredit to a network of elite families that occupy the highest echelons of power in our society, which seeks to centralize power in all areas of our lives, to the end of creating a global fascist dictatorship, otherwise known as the 'New World Order'. The film details exactly what the agenda is, who is behind it, the techniques used to put it into place, the power structure that allows it to be put into place unnoticed by the masses, and most importantly, the dire consequences that face humanity should this agenda be a success. Unfortunately, we're currently witnessing the final stages of this agenda coming to fruition, and the purpose of the film is to hopefully inspire people to begin looking into some of these issues for themselves so that we can collectively do something about it before it's too late..."

P2P BitTorrent site for download of full movie:

Or watch the whole 2h 30 min documentary here below:

P.S. A couple of days ago, John Nada posted the following video - I look forward to seeing his upcoming web site!


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